The Real Tuesday Weld – Bringing The Body Back Hom tab

Hi guys, this is my own work and took a while to figure out.
I don't mind if you use it but please credit me if you're going to re-post it!
The outro isn't what TRTW wrote, but it's what I personally like to do.
Also, I'm not sure about the D in the third line of every verse...
again, it's just how I like it.
Constructive comments welcome! =]

C               Am
Don't dry your eyes, my love
F                  Am    G
Don't say you've cried enough
C           Am           D
Don't say you're giving up
F                       Am           G
That you’ve reached the end of your love
E               C
Love hurts for sure
     F              C
But it’s still the one thing
G              C
Worth hurting for

C              Am
Lay down your flag and gun
     F             Am      G
Or this war won’t ever be won
C             Am     D
You’ll find another one
    F            Am           G
To try to fight what you’ve become


But make love your cause
And you’ll find the one thing
Worth fighting for

There is a door, my love
That opens for all of us
I know that scares you but
Give me your hand in trust
We’ll walk through that door
And find love was the one thing
Worth living for
Yeah, love was the one thing
Worth living for

My Outro: C, Em, E, Am x3
end on Am... you may be tempted to end on C but resist! It sounds a little corny. I 
think ending on Am suits the tone of the song better.
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