The Red Chord – Dread Prevailed tab

Okay, b4 u attempt the tab just know one thing, I'm only 14 years old... People have 
begging 4 some1 2 tab this song so I listened in very carefully (to the point where my Zune 
attempted to tab the intro. This is what I've got so far.

Standard Tuning
P.S. If anybody looked at the

|--------------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------10-----10----------------------------------------------||----------------9------9----------7-----7-----12-------12-----------||------------------7------7----------5-----5------12-----------------||------0-0-0-----------------0-0-0-----5-----5-------12-----12-13----| * * * * * *
|--------------------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------------||---------10-----10---------------------------------10-----10--------------||------------9------9----------------------------------9------9------------||--------------7------7------2-3--3-3-3-6--5-------------7------7--------3-||---0-0-0----------------0-0-0-1--1-1-1-4--7--0-0-0----------------0-0-0-1-| * * * * * * * * * *
The part after this where Gunface Mackenzie goes all over the place hurts my brain, :) sorry I can't tab the rest, but when I get it all I'll put it in here. Remember, only 14 years old so it's probably not COMPLETELY right. My next tablature that I'm planning on tablaturing (he-he) is See You Next Tuesday by my favorite band EVER!! The Acacia Strain Well... this is all I gotss. I'm pretty sure this is right. Thanks 4 taking the time to try it. Plz leave comments.
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