The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Misery Love Its Company tab

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Misery Loves Its Company
Don't You Fake It
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em -   022000
C -    x32010
G -    320033
D -    xx0232
D/F# - 2x023x
Am -   x02210
B7 -   x21202

Em       C
  Listen close
      G                   D/F#
as we wait for a sound to go

It's true we are
       C               (metallic riff)
we are destined to fail
It's true we are
       C               D
we are destined to fail

Metallic Riff:e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-2h4p2h4p2h4-|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Verse 1: Em There is a problem here with our society C The absence of my Am tears is my sobriety Em I have a growing fear and you're not helping me C Am I the only one who realizes it's...
Cool Riff: at "I have a growing fear..."e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-4-----------|D|---7-5-4-5---| x4A|-----------5-|E|-palm-mute---|
Chorus 1: Em ...true Beat but I'm not broken C Guide me through with your hand G Lead with your words spoken B7 Show me how to listen Verse 2: Em You're persecuting me showing hypocrisy C I have a remedy for (hold) your insecurity Em It's all the same sadly nobody works for free C Am I the only one who realizes it's (Repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2: Em Let your light shine through me C G Take this hate I can't release Help me make the blind see B7 D Misery loves its company Interlude: Em Bridge: Em When I dream, I see dawn turn D Em-C-G-B7 into dusk into dusk (Repeat Chorus 1 and 2) (Repeat Intro growl)
Outro Riff: Eme|-----------|-----------|B|-----------|-----------|G|-----------|-2h4p2-----|D|-4h5p4-0h2-|-4h5p4-4-5-|A|-----------|-------5-7-|E|-----------|-----------| x2 x2
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