The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Pleads And Postcards tab ver. 2

Title        :	Pleads And Postcards
Artist       :	Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Album        :  Lonely Road

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Intro: A , Em , F , G 2x

Verse I:

I knew this is all good time for you

And if it's not just know I may not
be here when you need me

Sometimes I fell like I would die without you

And if it's still ready don't will be
when I say I'm sorry now


 F                 G
Hang on till this moment,

 F                 G -- F
It wll be all over soon


A                B
Cause I knpw you'll wait form me

         C                 F  
You'll wait for me till I get home

 A               B
Yes I know you'll wait for me

            C              F
You'll wait for me till I get home

Verse II: (Do Verse Chords)
Is this what life is supposed to be about?
And thought it's hard but I will help 
you understand it somehome
The only thing that I want from you is trust
Together we will make it through this would we must

(Repeat refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)


 A                       B
But if I should fall, And you should move on

  C                         F      
Our eyes watch out for you from all above

Now don't think this wrong

  B                       C                       F
But you should move on, Our eyes watched over you from up above

(Do Verse Chords)
This could be the last time that I'll speak with you
Byt just in case let's make them, Best of what we have until this throught

(Repeat Chorus)

/   RoCk En RoLL   \
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