The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - No Spell tab

Title        :	No Spell
Artist       :	Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Album        :  Lonely Road

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Intro: C , E , Bm , C , E , G


Seem to found a familiar face
       E                  Bm
In a place where they're no name

And we learn to appreciate
All the things we take in vain


Hold on tight and enjoy the ride girl

  E                Bm
This is all that we get

It feels right and I know you can tell

  E               G
I'm not going to lie
This is no spell

Verse 2: (Do Verse Chords)
I'm not worried and I'm not afraid
What we have should be displayed
No matter what the others may say
We wll always stay this way

(Repeat Chorus)


  C             Am         G     
When all the world is gone and dead

I'll be the one hold your hand

  C            A               G
When all the world is gone and dead

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)

/   RoCk En RoLL   \
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