The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Don't You Fake It
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Key: Bb Similar to FACE DOwN

Tuning: Standard EADGBe or Drop D

Chords used: for Standard EADGBe
Gm - 355333
Eb - x68886
Bb - x13331
F -  133211
Cm - x35543

Chords used: for Drop D
G5 -  555xxx
Eb5 - 111xxx
Bb5 - x133xx
F5 -  333xxx
C5 -  x355xx

  Don't tell me this is your
     Eb        Gm 
last chance to change 
Cuz if you do, you would

Eb Eb   Eb Gm        F
telling a  lie!!! but

Verse 1:
  I warned you
     F     Eb
What could happen if
you should decide
To live your life
from 9 to 5
  And I mourn you
    F   Eb
For the detail that
is left unsaid
Is a reminder of
the time you bled

Gm          F
  Return to days when you knew
Eb              F
you still felt alive
Gm           Bb
  Reveal the way you felt when
Eb               F
You could look inside

After Chorus Riff:e|---------------B|---------------G|-3-2---2-5-3-2-D|-----3---------A|---------------E|---------------
Verse 2: Gm They sold you F Eb Everything you need to fix you up Cm And you feel good now F but you can't wake up Gm They found a way to reassure you Growl: That everything F Eb would be o-kay Cm Reach out today now I implore F you to remember who you are (Repeat chorus) Bridge: Silence Gm F So you felt it Eb but you don't know F Why you can't explain at all Gm F Why you felt it Eb Cuz you don't know F(hold) no you don't know Distortion: Gm Break the walls F between building atrophy Eb Causing all your F problems to recede Gm Bb Break the walls between (Break the walls between) Eb F Causing all your pain (Causing all your pain) Bass line You'll never learn (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Repeat the Bridge distortion 2nd voice: while singing the outro Take Back The beat in your heart Why Fight When you can't be bought (Repeat x4) Gm---Eb---Gm---Eb-Eb-Eb
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