The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Grim Goodbye tab

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Grim Goodbye
Don't You Fake It
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This is the most kickass RJA song!!! that has a length of 7:40, so long!!!
I'm going to cover this song and post it on youtube!!! this song is originally
played in Drop C. I just converted it to Standard EADGBe for the lazy people
who are too lazy to tune their guitars. Sounds decent too!!! Their Lead Guitarist
named ELIAS used different MeTALLIC EFECTS in this song, I tabbed them too!!!

Key: Eb

Beat: 3/4

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Cm -   x35543
G# -   466544
Eb -   x68886
Bb -   x13331
Gm -   355333
Fm -   133111
Bb/D - x587xx
G -    355433


Silent: x4 Cme|----3------------3-----3------6-----6-|B|-----------3--------------------------|G|--------5-----5------------5-----5----|D|------5------------------5------------|A|-3------------------3-----------------|E|--------------------------------------|
Distortion Parte|----3------------3-----3----|-----------------|B|-----------3--------------4-|-----------------|G|--------5-----5-------------|-5---5-----------|D|------5---------------------|-5---5-----------|A|-3------------------3-------|-3---3-----------|E|----------------------------|-----------------|
Distortion: Cm--Cm-- x4e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-5---5-----------|D|-5---5-----------|A|-3---3-----------|E|-----------------|
Cm Whoaa Cm whoaaaaaa my eyes Fm Cm Whoaaaaaa close it today
Cool Metallic Riff 1: after "today" b means bende|-15b-B|-----G|-----D|-----A|-----E|-----
Pre Verse: Cm-Cm-Gm-Eb Cm-Cm-Gm-Cm Don't you try to take me down Cm-Cm-Gm-Eb don't you try to take me over Cm-Cm-Gm-Cm won't you try to break me? Verse 1: Clean: Cm G# The complexities moving in Eb and I feel that I do Bb/D Cm not have the strength G# tragedies plaguing me solemnly Eb (metallic riff 2) Its affecting my will
Metallic Riff 2: ~ means holde|-8~-B|-8~-G|-8~-D|----A|----E|----
Distortion: Cm G# (metallic riff 3) Then Wait now that I've found you Eb Bb/D Cm situations from dark now change to gray G# Disregarding my absence of memories Eb Bb/D its perpetually blinding me of sanity Cm G# and just when I'm giving in Eb Bb/D Cm as I try to scale these walls G# (metallic riff 4) Jericho falls around me Eb Bb/D and I feel that I've strayed too long
Metallic Riff 3: tr means tremolo effecte|--------11tr-|B|-8h9--8------|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Cool Riff: at "memories"e|-1-----------|B|-----4---1---|G|---3---3---3-|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Cool riff: at "and just when I'm giving in" Palm mutede|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-8-6-5-------| x8A|-------8-6-5-|E|-palm-mute---
Metallic Riff 4:e|-------6tr-|B|-4--3------|G|-----------|D|-----------|A|-----------|E|-----------|
Refrain: Silence: Cm Eb And darkness is fading in Cm Eb(palm mute) and darkness is real
Silence Riff: Cm Eb Cm Ebe|-------------|---------3---|-------------|-------------|B|-------4-----|---4---4---4-|-------4-----|-------------|G|-5---5---5---|-3---3-------|-5---5---5---|-8--8-8--8-8-|D|---5-------5-|-------------|---5-------5-|-8--8-8--8-8-|A|-------------|-------------|-------------|-6--6-6--6-6-|E|-------------|-------------|-------------|-palm-mute---| x2 x2 x2
Chorus 1: Cm G# Eb Gm Ohhhhhh Cm G# Eb Bb/D Ohhhh my eyes Cm G# Eb Gm ohhhhhhh Cm G# closing slowly Eb Bb/D (metallic riff 5) Growl: I try
Metallic riff 5:e|-14h15tr-14h15tr-|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Interlude: Cme|------|-------------|--------3~-|B|----4-|-------------|----4------|G|-5--5-|-------------|-5--5------|D|-5--5-|-8-6-5-------|-5--5------|A|-3----|-------8-6-5-|-3---------|E|------|-palm-mute---|-----------|
Verse 2: Cm G# (metallic riff 3) Fate seems to recreate Eb Bb/D (metallic riff 6) I just can not escape Cm G# Something holds me down and Eb makes me act a way Bb/D I can't explain Cm G# Even now I can feel it Eb coming over me choking me Bb/D Cm as I'm falling behind G# (metallic riff 4) You can say you know me Eb but you have no clue what Bb/D my dreams could show you
Metallic Riff 3: at "recreate"e|--------11tr-|B|-8h9--8------|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Metallic Riff 6:e|---------------|B|-3h4---3---1---|G|-----3---3---3-|D|---------------|A|---------------|E|---------------|
Cool Riff: at "makes me act a way"e|-1-----------|B|-----4---1---|G|---3---3---3-|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
Cool Riff: at "Even now..."e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-8-6-5-------| x8A|-------8-6-5-|E|-palm-mute---
Metallic Riff 4: at "you know me"e|-------6tr-|B|-4--3------|G|-----------|D|-----------|A|-----------|E|-----------|
(Repeat Refrain and Chorus 1) Refrain 2: Do Refrain 1 silence riff Growl: Cm Eb Cm I Eb Cm Can't Eb Cm Eb (metallic riff 7) Can't win tell me who you see
Metallic Riff 7:e|-10btr-B|-------|G|-------|D|-------|A|-------|E|-------|
Cm Eb I feel something deep inside me Cm Eb I feel deep inside Bridge: Cm I feel something deep inside me Eb Gm and I can't let this go whoa Cm I feel something deep inside me Eb Gm and I can't let this go whoa (growl) Cm Eb Lie as I try to steer clear Gm and I try to stay sober Cm Eb This is taking me over Gm And my dreams complicate it Growl: Cm (metallic riff 8) I just can not let this go Cm (metallic riff 8) I tried so many times to tell you G# I just I can not let this go Bb G# G(hold) I just can not win
Metallic Riff 8:e|-----------|B|-----------|G|-3-4-3-----|D|-5-6-5-0-1-|A|-------1-3-|E|-----------|
Cool Riff: at "go I just..." G# Bb G# Ge|-------|-------|-------|---|B|-------|-------|-------|---|G|-----3-|-----5-|-----3-|---|D|---1---|---3---|---1---|-5-|A|-------|-------|-------|-5-|E|-4-----|-6-----|-4-----|-3-|
Silence: up to Verse 3 Cm Bbe|-------------|-------------|B|-------------|-------------|G|-------------|-------------|D|-1---1---1---|-0---0---0---| repeat many timesA|---3---3---3-|---1---1---1-|E|-------------|-------------|
Bass Line: while doing interludeG|------------------|D|-1h3--1--0--------|A|-----------1--1h3-|E|------------------|
Verse 3: Cm See you I see you falling away Bb(hold) I see you you Killing me soflty Cm I see you you falling away I see you you
Bass Line: while doing verse 3, do it twiceG|-------0--1--0-----0----------0--1-|D|----1-----------3-------1--3-------|A|-3-------------------3-------------| x2E|-----------------------------------|
Guitar 3: While doing Verse 3, do it twicee|-3-----------------3--------6-------|B|----4-----3--4--------4--------4----|G|-------5--------3--------5--------3-|D|------------------------------------| x2A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
Verse 4: Cm Eb Cm Eb Don't take what's in front of me Cm Eb Cm Eb open eyes can see I have everything Cm Eb Cm Eb Tell you don't take what's in front of me Cm Eb Cm Eb tell you don't take what's in me
Guitar 2: While doing Verse 4, do it twice Cm Ebe|-------------|-------------|B|-------------|-------------|G|-------------|-8-8-8-8-8-8-|D|---0-1-3-1-0-|-8-8-8-8-8-8-| x2A|-3-----------|-6-6-6-6-6-6-|E|-palm mute---|-palm mute---|
Cm Ebe|-------------|-------------|B|-------------|-------------|G|-----0-3-1-0-|-8-8-8-8-8-8-|D|-1-3-1-3-1-0-|-8-8-8-8-8-8-| x2A|-3-5---------|-6-6-6-6-6-6-|E|-palm mute---|-palm mute---|
Silence: Cme|-3--3--3-|-6--6--6-|B|-4--4--4-|-4--4--4-|G|-5--5--5-|-5--5--5-|D|---------|---------|A|---------|---------|E|---------|---------| x3
Chorus 2: Growl: Cm G# Lie Eb Gm Cm G# which one lied Eb Bb/D Cm G# When I feel it come a way Eb Gm way ohhh Cm G# Eb Bb/D that's why I try lie
Interlude: Cme|-------------|B|-------------|G|-5-5-5-5-5-5-|D|-5-5-5-5-5-5-| repeat many timesA|-3-3-3-3-3-3-|E|-palm mute---
Crowd singing: Cme|-------------------------|B|---1-1-1-1-1-4-3-1-1-1-1-|G|-3-----------------------|D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------| repeat many timesE|-------------------------|
Verse 5: Cm I see you coming my way dreams may fall more everyday (metallic riff 9) I see you looking my way
Metallic riff 9:e|-10--10--10--11tr-|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|------------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
Growl: Cm G# Eb Gm And I've tried just to separate dreams from Cm G# Eb Bb/D reality watch to satisfy this wanting Cm G# Eb Gm Try to stay righteous try to Cm G# Eb(hold) Bb/D stay sober but then I can't win Outro: Silence: Cm Eb Cm Eb And I know you and I Cm Eb Cm know you and I know you Growl: Cm Lie
Silence Riff: Cm Ebe|-------------|---------3---|B|-------4-----|---4---4---4-|G|-5---5---5---|-3---3-------|D|---5-------5-|-------------| x4A|-------------|-------------|E|-------------|-------------| x2 x2
Pre Growl:e|------------|B|-3--4--3--4-|G|------------|D|------------| x4A|------------|E|------------|
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