The Redneck Manifesto – Eugenes Hot Lunch tab

this is like the third time ive tried tanning this song, its keeps getting deleted or
but anyways, ive only spent 3mins on figuring this out so if it isnt right , cut me some
i promise i will come back later and submit a better tab ... anyways here it goes
(they usually play in celtic tunning DADgad being they are IRISH)

(all of this is palm mutted until the drums come in)d|--------------------------------------|a|--------------------------------------|g|---------------------------------- ---|D|--------------------------------------| / i havnt figured how many timesA|-----4h5p4------------4h5p4-----------|D|-4h7-------4h7p0--4h7-------4h7p0-----|
havnt listened to it enough to learn the harmonics either
but the 2nd guitar part comes in a bit later like this(i think)(im not sure if this is right, if not let me know and i will fix it)d|----------------- --|a|--------------------|g|----------------- --|D|-----4h5p4----------| / keeps playing untilA|-4h5-------4h7p5----|D|--------------------|
then it goes into
goes back to intro, then comes back to this and goes
then 2nd guitar goes something like this (which i am probaly mistaken)or it might be backwards idk, you can barely hear this part so i might be COMPLETELYand screwed it all up lol but anyways(2nd guiatr)d|---------------------------------------------------------|a|---------------------------------------------------------|g|---------------------------------------------------------|D|---4--4---4--4---4--4---4--4---7--7---7--7---7--7---7--7-|A|-5---5--5---5--5---5--5---5--7---7--7---7--7---7--7---7--|D|---------------------------------------------------------|
then 2nd guitar comes in with a lil solo type thing while guitar one is still playing same part
(lead guitar solo/thing)d|---------------------| |---------------------|a|---------------------| |---------------------|g|---------------------| |---------------------|D|-----6h7p6-----6h7p6-|x2|-----6h7p6-----6h7p6-|x2 it does this for a whileA|---7---------7-------| |---4---------4-------|D|-4---------4---------| |-7---------7---------|
then this same guitar does some tremelo picking like thisd|-------------------------------------|a|-------------------------------------| listen for timingg|-------------------------------------|D|-444444444444444440000000000000000000| he does this for a bitA|-------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|
then they make some organized noise so figure that out on ur own, you should be able to that, its pretty easy , probally the same chord just strumming like no tomorrow lol they're a bit complicated for a 3min learning session so please give me a break and a to learn it ok, ill be back tommorrow or something to learn the whole song I PROMISE, if 2moro then sometime soon... just email me @ ... and the band had a website @ but i guess they broke up, so go to thier myspace page
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