The Redwalls - What A Shame tab version 1


E:| --------------------------------|:B:| --------------------------------|:G:| ----2-2-2p1-1-1------4-----4-4/7|:D:| --------------------------------|:A:| --------------------------------|:E:| 2--2-2-2---2-2-2/5-55-5/0-0-0---|:1st time. Second time end on E
Verse: Same as Intro while guitar two is playing: F#5, A5, E5 patterns Pre-Chorus: [Play with slight chorus effect]
Chorus 1: [Distorted] Strum F#5 A5 E5E:|--------------------------------|B:|--------------------------------|G:|----------------------7//666----|D:|-4///---7///---2///---7//666--4~|A:|-4///---7///---2///---5//444--4~|E:|-2///---5///---0///-------**--2~|
Verse 2: Same picking pattern except guitar 2 comes in with distorted F#5 and A5 chords.
E:|------------|B:|------------|G:|------------|D:|-XX-4--XX-7-|A:|-XX-4--XX-7-|E:|-XX-2--XX-5-| Play twice*Muffle after 1 beat on each chord
Chorus 2: Play the same except at the end of the second time play this:
E:|---------|B:|---------|G:|---4---4-|D:|---4---4-|A:|-0h2-0h2-|E:|---------| Play a couple times
Bridge section: I don't have this all figured out but the base notes for the section are: Bb, C, Db, F#, Eb. Chorus 3: Play like 3x Outro: Play intro again. If anyone can figure out that Bridge section let me know! If I get it, I'll post it.
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