The Redwalls – Front Page tab

Left handed
Basically this is my favourite Redwalls song and i was anoyed when I couldnt find it so 
decided to work it out myself and put it up for you guys and girls. Its my first tab but 
think its pretty much spot on. Please rate and any feedback would be great.

Holding up the bank in Belgrade
G                Em      D
She lost her mind
Between the battle lines
And the telephone rings
G              Em     D
A bell rung out
As they talk about
Sixteen kids gone in a school yard
G              Em     D
The papers read
she shakes her head
And I said

G              Bm
In the darkest night
G               Bm
Come the darkest days
G               Em
In the worst of ways

|A | A | A | A |

(Repeat the chords using the same structure throughout the rest of the song)

Close that town for good, the plagues here
The skin from beneath
All the way to the mouths they feed
Then they're filtered clear
The boys will try
And the judge decides
Get out while you can, she tells me
You're wasting time
That's fine

In the darkest night
Come the darkest days
In the worst of ways

All right, now

>From the silent cry
To the naked eye
She waves good-bye

Holding up the bank in Belgrade
I played a tune
When, how, did it happen soon, she said
Now we find a way to make it down
The place smokes, and the palace burns
And the world keeps turning around
And around, yeah
Around, and it's bringing me down

In the darkest night
Come the darkest days
And the last bell rings out
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