The Rifles – When Im Alone chords

			     When I'm Alone - The Rifles
Tabbed by: Setting Son

Tuning: Standard


(All chords barred) Am, C, F x2 Verse:
Am C FEverytime I catch your eye in the streetlight
Late at night when I walk you home I hate to think that you're not mine So then I'll try to make you feel I don't want you I don't want to go down that road We always get in a big fight It happens all the time Pre-Chorus:
C GSo when I'm say that I'm just your friend
Am G And I'm willing to try
C GNo I won't carry on pretending
Am GIt's all a lie
Am C FCos I smile when you're there
But I cry when I'm all alone But it's far to hard to say to you don't go Don't Go... [Repeat Intro] Verse Chorus Etc
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