The Riot Before – Really Good Reason To Swear chords

GI was wise, went downwind
AMI hid all the evidence
Cbut then I saw you walking slowly down the stairs with your friends
EM Dsoon the dogs caught the smell and the detective found prints
Gso I kicked, and I fought
AMdid all I could just to resist
Cmy dirty face on the ground a heavy knee in my back
EM D Cand I'm heading downtown with handcuffs tight around my wrists
EMI was home free, and headed south
CI'd buy an island and relax
AMnow I'm, locked up, and staring out
Cthrough metal bars at what I had
EMit was airplanes and dirty vans
Cand a confession to fog the air
AMnow your, hooked up with an old friend
C EMall I have this paper a pen and all these
D Creally good reasons to swear
GI'd erase, start again
AMI see it clearly inside my head
CIt would have worked under a different set of circumstances
EM Dbut my life's not a movie, I can never again
Glive a day, in the past
AMWhen we walked nowhere are 4 am
CI let my hand hang beside me hoping you'd get the hint
EM DBut you didn't that night and now you're so happy with him
AMI'm holding onto this spoon
CAnd I'm scratching at the cement
EMWhen the guard's not paying attention
D CI will tunnel through dirt and rock and under barbed wire fence
EM D CAnd I will find my freedom
EM D C Gin the sunlight, my freedom
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