The Riot Before - Plastic Chests For Plastic Hearts tab

Song: Plastic Chests for Plastic Hearts
Artist: Brett from The Riot Before
Tuning: Standard
Capo: None

The intro to this song is just muted strings.

7  = Put your finger on the entire 7th fret, and two fingers on the ninth.

Verse: Bm Ae|-x-x-x-7----7---- R 5----5----|B|-x-x-x-7----7---- E U 5----5----|G|-x-x-x-7----7---- P N 5----5----|D|-x-x-x-7(9)-7(9)- E T 5(7)-5(7)-|A|-x-x-x-7(9)-7(9)- A I 5(7)-5(7)-|E|-x-x-x-7----7---- T L 5----5----|
Chorus: E G D A Ge|-7----7---10-----10-----5----5----5----5----10-----|B|-7(9)-7(9)10(12)-10(12)-5(7)-5(7)-5----5----10(12--|G|-7(9)-7(9)10(12)-10(12)-5(7)-5(7)-5----5----10(12--|D|-7(9)-7(9)10(12)-10(12)-5(7)-5(7)-5(7)-5(7)-10(12--|A|-7----7---10-----10-----5----5----5(7)-5(7)-10-----|E|-X----X---X------X------5----5----5----5----X------|
*I didn't leave the strumming pattern. The song isn't Bm Bm A A E E G G D D A G. However, this is 100% correct because Brett from The Riot gave them to me directly. The trick of the song is just sliding down the fretboard. Playing song in open strings doesn't sound as good as barre chords. Transcribed By: JJ Murphy Contact Info: AIM: SUNSETS on 24th E-Mail:
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