The Ronettes – Everything Under The Sun tab

Everything Under The Sun 

Intro chords: D   E  Em  A           
(Sh-doop, sh-doop, sh-doo-be-doo-be-doop)
D   			       E7  
If there's any more living to live 
                Em7         A            D       
The life that's left in me, I'm ready to give 
And if there's anything more I can do 
        Em7           A              D            
Tell me now, my love, I'll do it for you 

 C               F                                Gm
'Cause you're my everything, everything under the sun 
          C                                      F 
You're my everything, heaven and earth rolled in one 
                                F7         Bb
And if I can't have you, I want nothing at all 
'Cause you're my (everything) I do believe in 
(My everything) The air I'm breathing 
   Bb    C7             F   A
My everything under the sun 

Now I see the world I've waited for 
I see it through your eyes, not like before 
Everywhere I go, all that I see 
United, blessed until you go to me 

Chorus + instrumental 

by: José Duarte
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