The Ronettes - Soldier Baby Of Mine tab

Soldier Baby of Mine

D               Em    A              D
Soldier baby of mine, way across the sea
D                 Em      A         D
They've taken you through away from me

                G              D                    
Soldier baby of mine I promise you
             Em   A            D
While you're away I'm gonna be true

Soldier baby of mine, I'm so alone
But I'll be right here to welcome you home

G                            D
When you told me that had to part
G                          D
You know you really really broke my heart
G                      D
I say a prayer for you everynight
A                          G    D
I say a prayer that you'll be alright

Soldier baby of mine while we are apart
I hold you're picture close to my heart


D               Em    A               D
Soldier baby of mine, Soldier baby of mine


By Josť Duarte
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