The Ruby Suns - Oh Mojave tab

Song: Oh, Mojave
Band: The Ruby Suns
Album: Sea Lion
Hey guys, I noticed that there are absolutely no ruby suns tabs on the internet, so I 
to post one of their songs that I figured out by ear.
Corrections or comments? Email me at (no spam please)
Standard Tuning EADGBe
Figure out the strummig pattern on your own please, its not very difficult to play. The 
are definately wrong, just use them for timing purposes.

Part 1 (0:00-0:19)

e-|-0-------------2-------------0---|B-|-2-------------3-------------2---|G-|-2-------------2-------------2---| x2D-|-2-------------0-------------2---|A-|-0-------------0-------------0---|E-|-X-------------X-------------X---|
Part 2 (0:20-0:30)e-|-------------0--|B-|-------------0--|G-|-------------1--| x4D-|-------------2--|A-|-------0-2-4-2--|E-|-0-2-4-------0--|
Part 3 (0:31-41)e-|-0----0--|B-|-2----3--|G-|-2----1--| x4D-|-2----2--|A-|-0----2--|E-|-X----0--|
Part 4 (0:42)e-|-------------|B-|-------------|G-|-------------| x1D-|-------------|A-|-------0-2-4-|E-|-0-2-4-------|
Repeat Part 1 (0:43-1:04)
Part 5 (1:05-1:22)e-|-0--0--|B-|-0--2--|G-|-1--2--| x6D-|-2--2--|A-|-2--0--|E-|-0--X--|
Part 6 (1:22-1:38)e-|-0--B-|-2--G-|-2-- Continual strumming of this chordD-|-2--A-|-0--E-|-X--
Part 7 (1:39-1:46)e-|-0--B-|-0--G-|-1-- Continual strumming of this chordD-|-2--A-|-2--E-|-0--
Repeat Part 6 until the end.
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