The Rumble Strips - No Soul tab


(C)  = Bass note alone (eg a|--3--|)
(G*) = d|--5--| as opposed to e|--3--|

C             F       Fm    G
   I aint got no_____ sou___l

Bb           F       G               F
  I left you crying, talking on your phone

       G             C
Sayiní I aint got no soul

    C          F       Fm    G
Aní I aint got no_____ alcohol

Bb            F          G                F
So I went out drinkiní, Ďstead of to your home

C             G
I aint got no soul

(C) (D) x2

(C)                (D)
 All I do is try aní try to make you cry

(F)                      (G)
 Kick you in the shins, I poke you in the eye

     (E)       (C)
 Itís out of my control

(G)           (D)
 I aint got no soul

(C)                    (D)
 All you do is good, do everything you should

(F)                   (G)
 Pay back the devil to save me if you could

(E)                  (C)
 I listen to rock and roll

 But I aint got no soul

(same chords as intro)

C          F      Fm       G
I aint got no____ place to go

Bb           F      G            F
I donít need no-one uh huh oh oh oh

G               C
I donít know oh oh

[instrumental break]  C Fm x2

           Dm             Am      F
Oh I could die when I was feeling low

But that would take a heart

And thats the bluddy part

I donít own!

[Outro] (as intro) C F Fm G Bb F 

There you go. Thatís my guess. Incidentally I think Charlie favours bar and ska style 
chords if your bothered.

Rumble away.
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