The Rumour Said Fire – Provence Iii chords

The Rumour Said Fire - Provence III

Not sure if the lyrics are correct. 

The chords are played like this. Listen to the song for strumming pattern.

Bm:     0 x 4 4 3 2
A:      x 7 7 6 5 0
G:      x 5 5 4 3 0

Bm A G A x 4
Bm A G A x 4

Bm A G AI need to find a way hard
Get the feeling again, oh-oh That you awaited the dark
EmAnd you gotta go
Bm A G AAnd everything stops
You've got no way to explain, oh-oh Lets just pack up the car
EmCause you gotta go
Bm A G ATo find a way in your heart
And feel the heat once again, oh-oh You holler breaks and we stop
EmAnd you gotta flow
Bm A G AI knew I tasted blood
What a way to restrain, oh-oh We just flow through the dark
EmYou gotta go
Want to go Gotta know Want to go
Bm A G ABab-ba-bababa
Bm A G AYou just flow into a sullen sky (repeated)
Em Sax riff/outro /ch1ptune
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