The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Dethbridge In Lethbridge chords

         The Dethbridge in Lethbridge – The Rural Alberta Advantage
Tabbed by: Joe

My first tab, please email if you come up with a better or have questions. 
*The Am only gets one down stroke before you move to Dsus2 on the intro
*Chances are this is only half correct 

Tuning: Standard – Capo hangs out on the 3’rd fret, chords are relative to the handsome little capoChords used: Am Dsus2 C Eme|----0---------0---------0--------0-----|B|----1---------3---------1--------0-----|G|----2---------2---------0--------0-----|D|----2---------2---------2--------2-----|A|----0---------0---------3--------2-----|E|----0---------0---------0--------3-----|
Intro: Am Dsus2 C Em
Am EmI left your heartbeat in this town
Am EmI left your heartbeat in the ground
Am Cand when there's nothing for us now
Am |---just sing!You let me down I let you down
When your Grandfathers in the ground (resume with the intro) Am Dsus2 C Em X2 We live in this old aching town Our creaking bones won't make a sound You felt the old bridge weigh us down Let's try to turn our love around & take the Dethbridge out of town I left your cold heart in this town With family headstones all around & when there's nothing for us now You let me down I let you down with your Grandfather in the ground Pretty sure the chord pattern is the same for each verse, repeat and watch out for the pauses.
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