The Scene Aesthetic - Walk This Town chords

*****Listen for strum pattern, its simple but has a little palm mute thrown in there
Em:     020033   This is some variation of Em7..maybe suspended?
C:      032033
Dsus/F: 200233
Asus:   002033    Not sure if thats the name.
Dsus:   000233

Intro: Em C (x3) (he does a cool picking it's pretty easy, and uses these chords)

Verse 1:

Em C You're getting sick and tired
Em Cof being bossed around and gettin' told what to do
Em Cyou're uninspired
Em Cas the words that they are sayin' start to get to you
Verse 2:
Em Cyou've got a big, big heart
Em Cand you share it with the world but they don't share with you
Em Cyou start crying now
Em C'cause you can't understand why anyone could be so cruel
Dsus/Fbut soon decide to get it
Chorus (x2):
GAnd we will walk this town,
C Emour fears that everyone will come knocking down
Cour dreams but we won't let them
Asus/ Em/ Cwe'll sing oh oh no
Asus/ Em/ Cyeah we'll keep singing baby no they won't
INTRO (x2) Verse 3:
Em CI love the things you say
Em Cwhen you're talking to someone you think has lost their way
Em Cyou've got the perfect smile
Em C that has driven every boy in town to all go wild
Asus Em CI still wish that you'd believe in you as much as you believed in me
C Em I know the look in your eye
Dsusand I can tell that you're disappointed
C Em I've got a feeling inside
Dsusand I know we're gonna break through this
C Em Ill emphasize these words
Dsusso you know that your not alone
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