The Script – The Man That Cant Be Moved tab


ok first thing this is the first tab i have made. i don't have every little detail down.
the basic chords. Also still working on the bridge. Any corrections etc email me

Tuning Standard

Intro/Verse (Figure out the timing)

Chorus (Chords are A#, F, Cminor, D#, You can play this anyway you like i usually just them, add little bits here and there)
A# F Cm D#E--------------8--------|B--3-----3-----8-----8--|G--3-----2-----8-----8--|D--3-----3-----10----8--|A--1-----3-----10----6--|E--------1-----8--------|
strumming works fine, listen to the song to get the timing. it is very easy to pick up. the rest of the song will be up soon. thanks
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