The Script – Anybody There chords ver. 3

Capo 2             

E DMy head keeps saying "no"
C# ABut my heart keeps giving in
E DSo hard to let it go
C# AWhen it's there, under my skin.
F#mWell if this is the face of a sinner
A And if heaven is only for winners
F#mWell I don't care
BCause I won't know
EAnybody there.
F# EThought that I'd let it slide
D# BBut it's me that's slipping in
F# EThought that I'd go for a ride
D# BBefore this crash I'm dying in.
G#mWell if I'm judged on the life I've been living
BAnd if heaven is not so forgiving
G#mWell I don't care
C#Cause I won't know
F#Anybody there.
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