The Seatbelts - Time To Know tab

For years I puzzled over the oddly-timed strumming pattern and crazy
jazz chords that are an integral part of this piece of music.
Finally just this morning I sat down with my trusty copy of CoolEdit
and really LISTENED to the chords individually. I think I figured most
of them out with a fair degree of accuracy with a few possible mistakes
in exact fingering and intonation. Ultimately you should let your own ear
be the judge.

I've tabbed out the chords since I'm horrible with actual chord names.
This song got an intermediate rating by me because of the odd chords utilized and the 
strumming pattern.


This is just the intro. I have to figure out the rest soon. Keep in mind this is my first attempt at posting a tab so don't be too harsh. Hope you enjoy.
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