The Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me chords

I found the original version to be too high for me and my sister so we tweaked it a 
little. It is not exactly like the original version.

Capo 6th Fret


G D GCome, Come Tennessee Me,
G C GTennessee Me waiting here.
G C GI'm lonely tonight but feeling alright,
G D GWhy don't you come over here?
G D GWhy don't you come over here?
Oh, Oh Tennessee Me, Tennessee Me loving you. See me by the fire side light, Come and see me through the night. Tennessee me through the night. Bridge
C GIf you choose the world to see,
C DJust leave your heart in Tennessee.
G DPlain, Plain Tennessee Me,
G CLiving just a mile away.
G CI'm nothing special but I can hold you,
G DIf you want to, you can stay.
G DTennessee Me won't you stay?
BREAK Please, Please Tennessee Me, See me lookin' in your eyes. Tennessee Me wants to love you, Wants to love you all my life. Let me love you all my life.
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