The Send - In Repose tab

In Repose
The Send
*capo 1*

Am       C               F
Just as a bleeding wound dries
  G       Am        C        F
I found a road, and left home
Am         C               F 
And as the mountain is high
   G        Am        C      F
I took your tears and went on
Am      C
Tears sing for sleep
Am           G
But lonely nights weep

 F                   C         G
You know my heart is falling asleep
    F                       C         G
And you'd paint the sky, to see me believe you
    F                   C        G
And I know my heart has fallen asleep
    F                        C              G
And you'll still remain, and I'll change to see you
F       C              G
Oh, and Iíll change to see you

Remembering every disguise
I found a way to lead on
Just as my heart has run dry
With blood and bone, I miss home 

Tears sing for sleep
But lonely nights weep

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