The Sepia Trees – The Fields chords

*The Sepia Trees is a new band from Ottawa, Ontario. Check out some of their stuff on 
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Capo 2
Standard Tuning

Em GWhere I grew up there was a field in the backyard,
Em GWith big green trees in two and threes, and bells instead of flowers
Em GTook a walk on a windy day, and the breeze blew us to another place
Em GGrowing up on some strange shore, where the snow is the roof and the grass
Is the floor Em, G
Em GRan away into a forest, down a steep slope and into a field
Em GA girl with a knife told me to run so I ran and I ran into the setting sun
EmI tried to tell the preacher I didn't fit in,
GBy singing a ballad 'The song outshines the sin'
EmBut he said that I should repent while I still could,
GBefore the lightning struck me where I stood.
Em GSo on I go through the endless fields I don't know where I'm going but I
know I'll get there
Em GAnd if I get lost well, well you know that I don't care.
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