The Shenanigans - Mill On The Brue tab


The Mill on The Brue  Cap 3 Bund

Bearbeitung: Maximilian Friedrich B.

Es klingt gut und ist einfach wenn man jeden akkord 2 mal mit dem Daumen sanft anschlägt.

	G		G	     C		Em
The bells from the church tell me nothing has changed
	C             Em     Am      D
As I pass by these familiar walls
	G		G	C		Em
Reassured by these feelings a warmth fills my heart
	C		Em	   Am		G
and the memories flood back as the town gently calls

	C	Hm	C	G
Welcome our son who returns from afar
	C      Hm	Am		D
with a purse full of gold and the same old guitar
	C	    Hm		C		G
that once courted a girl as she counted the stars
	C	     D	        G       G
on a bridge by the mill on the brue

I smile as I see old lane house by my side
from the hillside old linley looks down
I look at this place that I still call my home
knowing she still resides in this sleepy old town

in reply to enquiry I hope and I pray 
that I’ ll not be forgotten and someone will say
that she still thinks of me in the fondest of ways
my girl from the mill on the brue

for I heard from a friend it’s ten years to the day
since she wed a lad from down Glastonbury way
so I wish the both joy though my heart true will stay
to my love from the mill on the brue

it’ s been fifteen long years since I last walked these streets
and I fear there’ll pass fifteen anew
until I return to my sweet Briton town 
and my love from the mill on the brue
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