The Shenanigans - Laurier Bridge tab

The Laurier Bridge

Bearbeitung: Maximilian Friedrich B.

Am Besten man zupft näher dem Schallloch der Gitarre dadurch klingen die Töne sanfter.

Eine Möglichkeit des spiels

C G e|-------------------------------------|B|-----1---3----3---0------------------|G|---0---0---0----0---0-2-0------------|D|-------------------------------------|A|-3-----------------------------------|E|--------------3----------------------|
Am Ge|-------------------------------------|B|-----1---0--------0---1--------------|G|---2---2---2----0---0---0------------|D|-------------------------------------|A|-0-----------------------------------|E|--------------3----------------------|
Am G Am e|-----0----------0------------------|B|-----1----------1------------------|G|---2---2---0----2------------------|D|-----------------------------------|A|-0--------------0------------------|E|---------3-------------------------|
Am C G The Laurier Bridge rose high in the sky Am G Am G Am As we marched underneath her arches Am C G Part1 With Lang Shaw and hill we shattered the still F G Am G Am Of the peaceful Canadian morning F G C x2xx3x Am And twelve pipers did trail a hundred strong band F G Am In our full highland dress we did slave F G C x2xx3x Am Part2 But our hearts swelled with pride as the pipe major cried F G Am G Am Pipes up boys for ‘Scotland the brave’ As the great bell tolled ten nearly three hundred men Marched for the queen and our countries And the colours we raised to remember the days Part1 When find latter did lead us to glory And his Victoria Cross can’t make up for the loss Of the young life he gave for our freedom Part2 But I’m sure Jim looks down as we march for the crown With the likes of MacDougall and Stevens Zwischenspiel Am C G Am G Am G Am Am C G F G Am G Am And drum major Peet always gave us the beat To keep us in step every morning Part2 And the sound of the brass Nearly shattered the glass As we passed by the parliament building As we marched through the street The sound of our feet Inspired the thousands to cheer us And respect we did pay with “eyes left” every day Part1 To the memory of those who fell for us And the pipers still play And the guards change each day In the endless Canadian summer Part2 And the Laurier Bridge is still standing today As a symbol of friendship and honour
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