The Shods - Shot Himself Up tab

Atist: The Shods
Song: Shot Himself Up
Album: Stop Crying

Main Riff:E|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---------------------|D|---------------------|A|---------------------|E|-0023-0023-0023-0023-|
C9 C9 You know he's gonna get his sooner or later.
Other Riff:E|------7-6-------5-5--|B|----8---7-----8---7--|G|--9---------9--------|D|---------------------|A|---------------------|E|---------------------|
Bridge: C9 C9 He sings a song about (Noisy part)
Other Riff: B9 C9E-3-3-3-3-----2222-----|B-3-3-3-3-----0000-----|G-3-3-3-3-----2222-----|D-2-2-2-2-----1111-----|A-3-3-3-3-----2222-----|E----------------------|
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