The Shods – All Kinds Of Girls tab

Artist: The Shods
Song: All Kinds Of Girls
Album: Thanks For Nuhin’

Verse 1: C Let me take you away today. She took my heart, I can't beg her to stay in this town. I wanna go right now and find a girl It's been a long time and I'm seeing the world. F G C Through different eyes, through different eyes. C Baby, I ain't beggin', but I feel like dancin' F Would you let this city boy hold hands with you? G I wanna get to know you. Pre Chorus: G I never thought of myself as knocked-out, C But I was so much in love. C Oh Papa Skinner, she put me down. F I need someone new, someone who G Is gonna make my heart jump the way she used to do. Chorus: C F G All kinds of girls. All kinds of girls. C I quess I'm falling in love again F G All kinds of girls. All kinds of girls. C I guess I'm glad I'm a man I said. F G All kinds of girls. All kinds of girls. C I feel so good, thats right. (Not sure about the Bridge, but after the "back on the beat, back on the street" part the chorus strucure)
Toward the end:E|-8---10-10-10-8---10--13-13-12-10|B|-8----------------10-------------|G|---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------| x 4A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Ending:E|----------| |------------|B|----------| |------------|G|----------| |-5--5--555--|D|-5555-33--|x3 |-5--5--555--|A|-5555-33--| |-3--3--333--|E|-3333-11--| |------------|
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