The Silent Comedy – All Saints Day chords

These are the simple chords for All Saints Day as far as I can tell.
Excuse any mistakes in them. 
For the C, G, and E notes (Aka the 3 last chords in each line), 
you can pluck the 5th and 4th strings before the chords to make it sound more like the song.

Am Dm C G EI ain't no demon, Lord, look to me please
Am Dm C G EGood men are sufferin' with the evil at ease
Am Dm C G EMillions of innocents, are born to disease
Am Dm CWhere is our solace, Lord?
E AmOh Lord answer me
Am, Dm, Am (Repeat pattern for next verse) I look to your people, Lord, but they're being cruel They sleep with the criminals they aim to recruit They raise, in their stadiums, a poisonous brood I think they would crucify someone like you
DmOne day, will this be over?
CWill this be over?
EWill this be over?
(Repeat until end)
Am Dm CI ain't no demon, Lord
E Am But neither are you
End by repeating Am, Dm, Am
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