The Strokes – Someday tab ver. 2

Artist: The Strokes 
Album: Is This It
Song: Someday
Transcribed by Jonnybgood
I got this from seeing The Strokes on Conan, it's better than any of the other tabs I've seen for "someday".  You might have to listen to the song while looking at the tabs to figure it out cuz I don't know exactly how many times they repeat each part. Enjoy.

First part of the verse: Guitar 1e|----5 / 7----9 / 7----9 / 7----7 / 5--|B|----5---5----7---7----7---7----5---5--|G|----6---6----7---7----7---7----6---6--| repeat 4 times?D|----7---7----7---7----7---7----7---7--|A|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
Here's the second part of the verse: Guitar 1e|--------12--------10-----------9--------7----5--|B|----14----14----12----12----10----10----7----5--|G|----------------------------------------7----6--| X4 then play an E for the chorusD|----------------------------------------7----7--|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
First part of verse for Guitar 2, listen to the song to the get the timing right
e|--------------|B|--------------|G|---------7----| repeat 4 times?D|----7----7----|A|----7----5----|E|----5---------|
Second part of verse for guitar 2
e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|---------9----11----7-------|D|----7----9----11----7----7--| repeat a lot and then for the chorus play an EA|----7----7----9-----5----7--|E|----5--------------------5--|
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