The Stunning – Romeos On Fire chords

Artist:  The Stunning
Title:  Romeo's on Fire
Album:  Paradise in the Picture House

This is a very straightforward song.
The verse A chords sound best with pull-off
and hammer-on Asus2 chords but 1. that's fairly intuitive
if you play them as open chords and 2. you won't miss them
too much if you don't.
Corrections welcome.

Intro:  (D  G A)  x7

D G AWake up to the sound of a singing
D G Ablackbird on a tree outside
D G ADoes she know the joy she's bringing
D G Ato this aching heart of mine
Em G ARomeo's on fire
Em G ARomeo's on fire
Em G A (D G A x2)Romeo's on fire
D G ASaw her on her way to church
D G Aon a frosty Sunday morning
D G AInnocence upon her knees, I thought
D G Athis is what I used to scorn
(chorus) (D G A x4)
D G AHumility in a downward glance
D G ASerenity in a gentle touch
D G AQueen of heaven, turn to me
D G Aand tell the truth before I burn too much
(chorus) (D G A)
D G AHe's on fire
(D G A x8)
D G AHe's burning up
D G AHe's burning up
D G AHe's burning up, he's burning up
D G AHe's burning, he's burning, he's burning up
(chorus) (D G A) (chorus) (D G A)
D G AHe's on fire
(finish on D)
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