The Stupid Stupid Henchmen – Hostin A Soul chords

Hostin' a Soul
by The Stupid Stupid Henchmen

Hey rude boys & girls.this one is off their "Carbombs are cool" CD.
This song is amazing. They play the song with lots of raw emotion. 
So play your hearts out!

Here are the chords you need to know. 

A A* Ab Cm# D BmE 5 0 4 0 0 0
A 7 0 6 4 0 2 D 7 2 6 6 0 4 G 6 2 5 6 2 4 B 5 2 4 5 3 3 e 5 0 4 4 2 2 Intro: A -> Ab -> C#m x2 - (Last time you play C#m let it ring for a sec or two.)
A AbIt feels like a demon
Cm#is inside of my mind
A AbI cant control my thoughts
Cm# this bloody river of mine
A Abi dont why i got
Cm#this voice is telling me too
A Abim going six feet down
Cm#i cant go on anymore
Bridge: D -> A * -> Bm -> A * x2
A Abim getting sicker than sick
Cm#i kinda like being dead
A Abi change the channel so that
Cm#all i hear is hell!
A Abi dont why i choice you
Cm#to fall back on to abuse
A Abyou seem to wish it again
Cm#all i did was for you
A Abi dont know where im heading
Cm#i lost all my sense
A Abconstrict me from my head
Cm#the only tool that works
A Abit can spread all my problems
Cm#and im the biggest one
A Abi cant control my mind
Cm#its fucking blown away
D A *everythings is so fucking useless
Bm A *i dont see the point in anything
D except for that fucking knife
A *its clears my up my mind
Bmim shaking from my pain
A *its keeping me alive
D im sitting strapt to a chair
A *the kind that kills you
Bm for hurting the innocent
A * or else i need something to do
D the shock goes through my body
A *but doesnt kill my soul
Bm its somewhere lurking out there
A *beyond the living dead
D A *and when it finds its souls
Bm A *itll do the same to THEM!!! (Scream that Sh*t)
Repeat (D,A,Bm,A) once or so and your done.
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