The Subways - Popdeath tab

POPDEATH  The Subways

Tabbed by: Aislinn (Dino-Panda)

Tuning: Eb tuning (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

The intro and verse have the same simple pattern of power chords. Repeat four times for 
the intro and another four for the verse:

Next, the pre-chorus bit ('But can we bear to look now...'). Play the two chords as full barre chords and pick around the high strings a bit. Play this bit twice:
Chorus ('We can wait up all night...'). This is just a progression of four chords repeated:
Repeat all of the above for the next verse, pre-chorus and chorus. The next thing is a bridge. I'm not sure on the chords for the first part, I think they might be different? Any contributions welcome here! But from 'you can bleed for the tortured souls', it's just the chorus chords again, but bassy! Next, the solo. This is played over the top of the verse power chords. This tab is roughly how I play the solo, but I'm not a great lead guitarist, so any contributions welcome here too to improve it :)
To finish, repeat the chorus twice, then the verse power chords four times. Awesome song, awesome band, not too difficult and loads of fun. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes or have any contributions, and enjoy! :) ************************************ | / slide up | h hammer-on | p pull-off ************************************
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