The Summer Set - Old Mexico chords

So my guitar teacher and I figured out the chords to this song. It's simple and a 
beautiful song. The strumming is easy. Here's the link to the video

Here's the link to buy the song. It's for charity! :)

This my first tab ever so it may not be 100% lined up. But this is the basic idea of it. 
Please don't be mean if it's wrong. Leave a comment with any concerns or whatever :P

Capo 4

D Dsus4 Dadd9Girl I don't have a lot of money, you see
D Dsus4 Dadd9Sure I play a little guitar but I barely sing
D Dsus4 Dadd9The one thing I wish this Christmas Eve
D Dsus4Is you'd fall in love with me
D, Dsus4, Dadd9
D Dsus4 Dadd9Girl I'm no coffee shop poet at all
D Dsus4 Dadd9I wrote you that note on a napkin and you still haven't called
D Dsus4 Dadd9So pack up your bangs and I'll grab the keys
D Dsus4 Dadd9Come run away with me
GDrive out to old Mexico
Leave the new world
D Dsus4 Dadd9And love like we're dying
GIf you want snow I'll make snow
DBlock the sun stop the desert from drying
Dsus4 Dadd9I'll never stop trying
D Dsus4Maybe when midnight is here
You'll kiss me like you did last year D, Dsus4, Dadd9 2x Verse 2:
D Dsus4 Dadd9Boy I don't need a lot of money you see
D Dsus4 Dadd9You know your old beat up guitar is my favorite thing
D Dsus4 Dadd9About you I want you all your terrible things
D Dsus4 Dadd9I want you this Christmas Eve
Chorus Then for the rest of the song, you loop D, Dsus4, and Dadd9 during the La La part then when the midnight is here part: do the same but cut out the last Dadd9 because it's silence.
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