The Summer Set – Legendary chords

Capo on 3
G           320033
Cadd9   X32033
Em7      022033
D           X00232

G - Cadd9

G Cadd9When I was a kid, I'd fly around and Peter would mention
G Cadd9Don't be afraid to die cuz to die would be an awfully big adventure
So on until... Pre-Chorus
Em7I used to be your knight in shining armor
DAnd I'd rescue you from hell
Cadd9Lately I stare into the mirror And I say to myself
Chorus G
Cadd9I've spent too many nights watching How I met your mother alone
Cadd9Now I'm searching for my yellow umbrella, hoping ill take her home
Em7 D Cadd9Baby I just wanna be legendary
Em7 D Cadd9Yea we all wanna be legendary to somebody
Mute Yea to somebody And that's pretty much it. There are a few videos out there of them playing it differently, but this is based off the San Diego 11/1/12 video on YouTube. Watch it here to get the timing down
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