The Sundance Kids - Burn So Bright chords

This is song is the first off the first album of this fantastic Australian band. 
I'm gonna work slowly through the album and try and figure each one out. Please 
let me know if you think anything should be added or I've got something completely 
wrong. I'm only tabbing chords, you should be able to work out how to play it based on these.

Band: The Sundance Kids
Song: Burn So Bright
Album: Fall Into Flace (2009)

C | | | G | | | Am | | | F | | | 

C G F GOpen up your eyes raise your voices
C G F GDon't you realise you're the chorus?
Am G It won't be long, keep holding on,
F GWe'll fan the flames until they light,
Am G F A beacon hope to lead us on this open road.
C GYou're building me up, you break me out,
A G FYou're always right here waiting, right here waiting to start,
C G Am G F You burn so bright, you are the light that guides me home
C G F AmSometimes we get dso tired, still we're trying,
C G F AmStanding side by side, we're not alone, we'll keep fighting
Pre-Chorus (as above) CHORUS (as above) INSTRUMENTAL Chords: C | | | G | | | F | | | G | | |
2nd guitar tab (not perfect if you're really picky... but pretty damn close) C D E F D C D E F E E/D E F E E/D e----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--13---15---17---18---15---12---15---17---18---17---17---17---18---17---17--|G----x8---x8---x6---x2---x8---x8---x8---x2---x2---x2---x2---x2---x2---x2---x2|D--10---12---14---15---12---10---12---14---15---14---12---14---15---14---12--|A----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am G F GIt's happening now, it's taken so long to figure this out,
Am G Fcos somehow we're moving each other on
Chorus (as above) And that's it! Enjoy.
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