The Swell Season - Low Rising tab version 3


This is actually a pretty easy song. 
Glen does a lot of syncopation on the chords and the intro, 
but you can pick it up pretty easily by listening to the song.

---------------------------------------0---0---------------------------------------0---0-------9------------------9--9--9------4s6-6-9-----9--9h11p9--9-9-----9--9--9h11---4s6-6-9h11-11--------11--9h11-11-11--9------2s4-4-0------------------0------------------0---0 then there is some syncopation
then you repeat it, but more intense and adding more of the E chord on the first part. by that i mean try to do more with it. i play it the second time like this
-------------------------------------------0---0----------9-------------------9--9--9------0---0-9-----9--9h11p9----9---9-----9--9--9h119--4s6-6-9-----9--9h11p9-11-----9h11--9--9--9h119--4s6-6-9h11-11---------11-----9h11-11-11--9------2s4-4-0----------------------0------------------0---0 syncopation again
The verse is played with open chords, but I've found it sounds better to play the chorus with normal chords. The chords are E, C#m, and A
Open E: Open C#m A Chord--0-- --0-- --0----0-- --0-- --2----9-- --6-- --2----9-- --6-- --2----7-- --4-- --0----0-- --0-- --0--
E I wanna sit you down and talk E I wanna pull back the veils and C#m Find out what it is I've done wrong E I wanna tear these curtains down I want you to meet me somewhere Tonight in this old tourist town And we'll go A C#m E Low rising Cause we've gotta come up We've gotta come up That repeats for the whole song Good luck
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