The Tallest Man On Earth - Lets Carmelize tab

This is a tab made from the tallest man on earth playing the song 'lets
 carmelize'. Its a great song, if you havent heard it, youtube and listen
 to it. THe chords are mostly right and the tunings good. The picking
 pattern isnt great, but its hard to write it out, you really got to just
 listen to the song and do it.

The opening chord thing he does are the following chords:D --3--2---1-----|B --3--2---1-----|G --4--3---2-----|D ---------------|G ---------------|D ---------------|
Then into the intro riff:D --------------0----------- --------------0---------|B ---------0---------0------ -----1-------------0----|G ---0h2-----------0----0--- -3-----3--0-------------| ( x 3 )D ---0-------0------------0- ---0--------0--------0--|G -------------------------- -0----------------------|D -0-----0------0----------- ----------0------0------|
then something like this at the end of intro . . .D ------------------------- --------------0---------|B ---3---3----3---0-------- -----1-------------0----|G --------------------0---- -3-----3--0-------------|D ---0-----0---0--------0-- ---0--------0--------0--|G ------------------------- -0----------------------|D -0---0------0-----0------ ----------0------0------|
the verses are simply these riffs played over agian, then the chorus uses the following chords, I'll stop showing picking patterns:
I said ooooo . . . aaaaa . . . lets carmelizeD -----5-----------------0----------------------------|B -----0-----------------0----------------------------|G -----5-----------------0-----------(opening riff)---|D -----0-----------------0----------------------------|G -----5-----------------3----------------------------|D -----x-----------------x----------------------------|
the bridge uses some different chords:D --0----0---0---------------|B --0----0---0---------------|G --0----0---0---------------|D --0----0---0---------------|G -------x---0---------------|D --1----3---x---------------|
Thats the song.
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