The Tallest Man On Earth - I Wont Be Found chords

I'm sure he actually plays this in a non-standard tuning, so it won't be exact.
All chords sound like the recording. Capo on the 1st fret and it's a piece of pie.
2 parts. 4 chords

Bb GmWell if I ever see the morning
Eb FJust like a lizard in the spring
Bb GmI'm gonna run out in the meadow
Eb FTo catch the silence when it sings
I'm gonna force the Serengeti To disappear into my eyes Then when I hear your voices calling I'm gonna turn just inside out
Eb F GmWell if I ever get to slumber
Eb FJust like a mole deep in the ground
F BbHell, I won't be found
Deep in the dust forgotten gathered I grow a diamond in my chest I make reflections as the moon shines on Turn to a villain as I rest Well if I ever get to slumber Just like a mole deep in the ground Hell, I won't be found I know there is a hollow I need to fill it with a draft Of all the words that I wont way And with a quiet whisper I send a curse upon the day That never used the sun to see The light I'm gonna float up in the ceiling I built a levee of the stars And in my field of tired horses I built a freeway through this farce Well if I ever get that slumber Ill be that mole deep in the ground And I won't be found
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