The Tallest Man On Earth - The Sparrow And The Medicine chords version 1

The Tallest Man On Earth - The Sparrow and the Medicine 

Capo 7th

Intro/riff C F C C/Be|-------------1h3p1-------------------0h1p0------------|B|--1--h3p0--1--------1h3p1-1-h3p1---3------------------|G|--0--------2--------------0--------0------------------|D|--2--------3--------------2--------0------------------|A|--3-----------------------3--------2------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------|
C F C C/B Ce|-------------1h3p1--------0----0---0-------------|B|--1--h3p0--1--------1h3p1-1----3---1-------------|G|--0--------2--------------0----0---0-------------|D|--2--------3--------------2----0---2-------------|A|--3-----------------------3----2---3-------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
C FWhen you mend the patches of my clothing
C C/BYou know every thread goes through my heart
C FGuessin' that the rivers gonna dry up
C C/B CWell I said that's not the reason why we part
Looking 'round the corner where I left you Wonderin' whatever led me there Knowin' that a quiet, unconscious feeling Could be bought to drown a memory anywhere
Dm She said "I don't want your medicine and
F CI don't need no sparrow in my heart"
Dm When I'm covered by the thunder
F C/BI get rid of all your breath deep in my lungs
CSplittin' the wind apart
And when I touch the ceiling on a spring day Wishin' it could heed up every crow So that they could lift me by my shoulders Take me from this frozen lake and let you know Just that I want to be your medicine I want to feed the sparrow in your heart When we're covered by the thunder I'll get rid of all the breath deep in our lungs Splittin' the wind apart Hell I'm still standing 'round the corner where I left you Diggin' up a quite sufficient track Never know when you're behind that angle With a tranquilizer gun in your sweet hand Oh I want to be your medicine I want to feed the sparrow in your art When we're covered by the thunder we'd become just one and feel the lightning shard Splittin' the wind apart
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