The Tallest Man On Earth – Tangle In This Trampled Wheat chords ver. 2

The Tallest Man On Earth - Tangle in This Trampled Wheat

7th fret (live)
5th fret  (EP) 

2x G C/G G then B 2x Am Bd|-0--0--0-----------------------------------------------------------|B|-0--1--0(h3)----0--h1p0--h3p0h1p0-h3p0h1p0-1-p0h1h3p1p0--0-h1h3p0--|G|-0--0--0--------2--------------------------2-------------2---------|D|-0--2--0--------0--------------------------2-------------0---------|A|-2--x--2--------0--------------------------0-------------0---------|E|-3--3--3--------2----------------------------------------2---------|
chords/figures C/G* G B C/G B* Emd|-0-------0------------------------------0------------0--------------|B|-1-0h1h3-3----0-h1p0---h3h1p0-0h3h1p0---1-----3 or 1-3--------------|G|-0-------0----2-------------------------0-----2------0--------------|D|-2-------0----0-------------------------2-----0------2--------------|A|-3-------2----0-------------------------x-----0------2--------------|E|-3-------3----2-------------------------3-----2------0--------------|
C/G* for chorusd|-0---|
G C/G G Been so many days of longing now
Em BWhy should it ever be this far
AmWhere I get frightened
C/G* B C/G* BI could never gather birds enough to carry 'round your heart
G C/G G But I see traces of your thoughts out here
Em BI see a sight; I hear a sound
Am C/G* B C/G* B I only comfort in the brittleness of days when I can hold what I just found
C/G* G B* Em In the untired eyes of the laughing child
C/G G B*And the dirtiest sweater he owns
C/G* GEarly, sun-warmed pine
B* EmAnd all those life-like sins
C/G G B*That will pull out the memories to show
B I'm not leavin' alone
C/G* B G (intro)I'm not leavin' alone
If just that weather-beatin' plane was here Haven't seen it since I came Can only wonder if it's near or in the skies When this damn city sounds the same And sometimes I'm just a tangle in this trampled wheat Shirk a-like a losing dog If just tonight that I could be where you are near And just forget where I am lost In the untired eyes of the laughing child And the dirtiest sweater he owns Early, sun-warmed pine And all those life-like sins That will pull out the memories to show I'm not leavin' alone I'm not leavin' alone
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