The Tallest Man On Earth - Graceland chords version 1

Song: Graceland
Artist: The Tallest Man on Earth

Tuning: C F C F C F
Capo 9th fret

     D: 505000
    D*: 000000
 Gadd9: x52000
Gadd9*: x54000
   Bm7: 245000
Bm9: 244000Aadd11: 024000
(I think these are the right names) Intro: D D* D
DThe Mississippi Delta was shining
D* Gadd9 Gadd9*Like a national guitar
Bm7I am following the river
Bm9Down the highway
Aadd11 Through the cradle of the civil war
Gadd9 D And I'm going to Graceland
Gadd9Memphis, Tennessee
D Aadd11 D Gadd9 DI'm going to Graceland
(D) D* DShe comes back to tell me she's gone
Gadd9As if I didn't know that
Gadd9* Bm7 Bm9As if I didn't know my own bed
Aadd11 As if I'd never noticed
Gadd9 D Aadd11 DThe way she brushes her hair from her forehead
(D)And she said losing love
Gadd9 Gadd9*Is like a window in your heart
Bm7 Bm9Everybody sees you're blown apart
Aadd11 Everybody sees the wind blow
Gadd9 D And I'm going to Graceland,
Gadd9Memphis, Tennessee,
D Aadd11 DI'm going to Graceland
Interlude: D Aadd11 Bm7 Aadd11 D Aadd11 Bm7 (chords are the same as last time around) There is a girl in New York City She calls herself the human trampoline And sometimes when I'm falling, flying Tumbling in turmoil I say Oh so is this what she means She means we're bouncing into Graceland And I see losing love Is like a window in your heart Everybody sees you're blown apart Everybody feels the wind blow And I'm going to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, I'm going to Graceland End on D
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