The Tallest Man On Earth - Thousand Ways tab version 1

Thousand Ways by The Tallest Man On Earth

(It ain't perfect but its better than feck all)
This tab is intended as a step in the right direction.
ie. the strummy picky bit is too hard :(

Tuning CFCFCf   Capo8


Oh, I am live for ages......
I'm a thousand weeks of springtime.....
And I'll always be blamed for the sun going down on us all
But i'm the light in the middle of everymans fall
Oh I am live for ages i'm a thousand turns of tides I'm a thousand weeks of springtime and a thousand infant cries Oh a thousand, Infant cries I've got 16 hundred tigers now tied to silver string When they pull out in the pasture oh the mighty heart will sing Oh the mighty, heart will sing But i'll always be blamed for the sun going down with us all But i'm the light in the middle of everymans fall I bend my arrows now in cirles and I shoot around the hill If I don't get you in the morning by the evening I sure will By the evening, I sure will Cos i'm the fire on the mountain you have lit up in your dreams But also water on the fountain you can send myself for me You can send myself for me Cos i'll always be blamed for the sun going down with us all But i'm the light in the middle of everymans fall And no I never meant to say these word but yes you ought to know That the dark in what i've always been will not ever go No it will not, ever go And for so I lived a thousand years a thousand turns of tide Just a thousand leaves in autumn and a thousand ways to try Oh a thousand, its just a thousand, ways to try
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