The Temper Trap - Science Of Fear chords version 1

Capo 2


Em - C - Am - C 


Em Brakes on
Brakes on The car is running empty Brakes on brakes on The car is runnin empty
Head on This crash is comin slowly Downhill Head on This crash is comin slowly
Am COr watch the slow death of your way of life
Em CThere's a science to fear
AmIt plagues my mind
CAnd it keeps us right here
And it keeps us here (Repeat All) My ears My eyes My brain is slowly bustin Black smoke Red sky The television's sayin Downhill Head on another crash is comin Move Or watch the murder of you way of life There's a science to fear It plagues my mind And it keeps us right here And the less we know The more we sit still My baby's stuck on a road That lead to nowhere Nowhere, nowhere. This is my first Song on Ultimate Guitar, Rate and comment :)
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