The Toys – Lovers Concerto chords

Left handed
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A Lover’s Concerto chords
The Toys

C EmHow gentle is the rain
F G C AmThat falls softly on the meadow,
Dm G CBirds high up the trees
Am G C Dm G7Serenade the clouds with their melodies
C EmOh, see there beyond the hill,
F G C AmThe bright colors of the rainbow.
Dm G CSome magic from above
Am Dm G C GMade this day for us just to fall in love
C EmNow, I belong to you
F G C AmFrom this day until forever,
Dm G CJust love me tenderly
Am G C Dm G7And I'll give to you every part of me.
C EmOh, don't ever make me cry
F G C AmThrough long lonely nights without us.
Dm G CBe always true to me,
Am Dm G C GKeep this day in your heart eternally.
C EmOne day we shall return
F G C AmTo this place upon the meadow.
Dm G CWe'll walk out in the rain,
Am G C Dm G7See the birds above singing once again
C EmOh, you hold me in your arms,
F G C AmAnd say once again you love me,
Dm G CAnd if your love is true,
Am Dm G C Everything will be just as wonderful.
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