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Silence Is Golden:The Tremeloes.
#1 in UK & #11 in USA in '67

A            D           A   D 
Oh, don`t it hurt deep inside, 
       A          E            A  E 
to see someone do something to her.  
A            D           A       D 
Oh, don`t it pain to see someone cry, 
     A               E          A 
oh, especially, when someone is her. 

A          C#m     D      E          A 
Silence is golden, but my eyes still see, 
           C#m             D      E          A 
silence is golden, golden, but my eyes still see. 
A          D             A           D 
Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep, 
     A               E          A           E 
even though there is nowhere to go..oh..oh..oh. 
A             D          A             D 
How could she tell, he deceives her so well, 
     A             E           A 
pity she`ll be the last one to know. 

A        D              A            D 
How many times will she fall for his line? 
         A           E             A   E
Should I tell her or should I keep co..ol? 
A        D             A           D 
And if I tried, I know she`d say I lied, 
          A               E             A 
mind your business, don`t hurt her, you fool.   

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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