The Tremeloes - Suddenly You Love Me tab version 1

Suddenly you love me - the tremeloes

Em                                                              D
Oh, there's never been a woman who could treat me like you do.
                  Am                                         Em
Who could trample on my pride and play around as much as you.
Em                                                              D
Well you really shake my mind up with your cheating and your lies.
Am                                                           Em
Til at last I make my mind up and I turn to say goodbye.
Say goodbye.

G                                               D
Suddenly you love me and your arms are open wide.
Suddenly there's nothing that could tear you from my side.
Everytime it happens as I turn to walk away.
 Am                                      G
Suddenly you love me and I know I've gotta stay.

Verse 2 chords same as verse 1.

When you find your fascination in the arms of other guys.
You must know my reputation comes to nothing in their eyes.
Still you take off in a hurry anytime it pleases you.
And you only start to worry when I say I'm leaving you.
Leaving you.

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