The Tymes - Ms Grace tab

(Transcribed by Beach Bum)

NOTE: This song is played in the style of Carolina Beach music.  There is a
certain rhythmy soulish mojo in this song.  The chords are played with a constant
finger modulation that goes in unison with the strumming.  On the verse, the C
Maj chord should be worked in a constant modulation with a C Alt; likewise, the F
Maj works in a constant modulation with an Fmaj7.  The feel is like a very rhythmic polka style.

Cmaj7               Dm7 
Ooh, ooh, ooh, Miss Grace

Cmaj7                 Dm7         
Satin and perfume and lace

Cmaj7                 Dm7
The minute I saw your face

              Am          Dm7  Em
I knew that I loved you.

C                  F
Hey you, listen to me

  C                            F
I got a lot of truth I want to tell you;

  C                F                    Am      Dm7  Em
I just met a woman who turned me upside down.

    C                    F
The rivers turn in their beds.

C                       F
Flowers bloom where she treads

    C                     F                       Am     Dm7  Em
She turns an awful lot of heads when she comes to town.

     C                   F
Miss Grace when you walk by

C                        F
You're the twinkle in my eye

        C                 F                   Am    Dm7  Em  G7
There's no need to wonder why I've fallen for you. 



Strangest thing of all you see

Is that this could happen to me.

Lady Grace you set my heart on fire

G                     G7         
Someday I'll make you mine all mine.

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